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The Importance of Different Utilities That are Essential in Life Human beings are species of living things have gradually managed to increase comfort and modernize their lives. Human beings have used technology and combined it with various innovations that have made them to have a more sophisticated and complex lifestyle. The lives of human beings have ended up relying on some utilities that allow them to engage in some activities and also for survival reasons. Despite the fact that some of the utilities which they employ for survival purposes may be scarce with reference to their unlimited wants, human beings will strive to survive by using any means possible. Our lives have depended on various utilities that with time have become part of us since they ensure that our lives are comfortable and easier. A utility may be an organization that carries out different activities that will assist to maintain different infrastructure for the purposes of providing different services to the public. The services that are provided by different organizations that are easily consumed by people are natural gas, electricity, sewage and water. Some public utilities can be either publicly or privately owned by various organizations or individuals. Publicly owned utilities may include municipal or cooperative utilities and are operated with an aim of making profits. They mainly focus on providing different services to the different types of consumers; be it commercial, industrial or residential consumers. Electricity is one of the most important type of utility that is consumed by almost everybody. Electric utility companies carry out the generation and distribution of electricity in some regulated markets with a purpose of selling it. They include public owned, investor owned, nationalized entities and cooperatives. Electricity markets can also placed under electric utilities since they behave like brokers who buy and sell electricity despite the fact they don’t operate or possess transmission, distribution and generation facilities.
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Water is also another important utility that is greatly needed for survival. Some companies that provide this utility will extend their services to make sure that they also render wastewater services which include sewage treatment to industrial, commercial and residential sectors in an economy. Water utilities are generally owed by either the national or local government because water is an important public utility that may bring problems if it falls in the wrong hands.
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Natural gas is an important utility that is categorized as a source of energy that is used for cooking, generating electricity and heating. It is also used as fuel for different vehicles and as chemical feedstock during the process of manufacturing of plastics and other organic chemicals. The different types of utilities are very important for our survival in different ways and help us to carry out different activities with less difficulty and are regulated by the national and local authorities.

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